Honey Perkel

Honey Perkel, Oregon author


An author from the ocean's edge, Honey Perkel lives in the cozy beach town of Seaside, Oregon.

The Faithful Daughter is a Historical Romance taking place from the Jewish district in Denver to the shores of Seaside, Oregon.

Just Breathe is a memoir capturing Honey's fight to save her son who suffered from addiction and mental illness.

Honey has written a trilogy taking place on the Oregon coast. A Thousand Summers, Secrets at the Cove, and A Place Called Paradise hold the flavor of Seaside, a small beach town.

Latest Release

"A man and his demons, a wife and her dreams weave a chilling tale of obsession and intrigue.."

The Legend of Hattie Springfield
The year was 1904, the place was Astoria, Oregon. A prominent banker’s wife had unexpectedly died of diphtheria at Blackmoor Hall, or had she?

Why hadn’t those caring for her in her last hours succumbed to the highly contagious disease, why was the house not fumigated after her death, and why was she buried in such a shallow grave if her body was so infectious?

What had caused this exceptionally beautiful and talented young wife and mother’s death? So many questions and no one demanding answers until the deceased’s eccentric, old aunt comes to visit. Having an inquisitive mind, she begins to unravel deep secrets of desire…and murder.

The Legend of Hattie Springfield a Historical Novel by Honey Perkel

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What's Up?

So what is Honey Perkel up to besides book signings and teaching classes on Independent Publishing and Marketing? A Thousand Summers has gone into its third printing and she is writing diligently on her next novel, Trusting the Heart. The Faithful Daughter will soon be available on e-readers.


Coming In 2017

An author takes on the challenge of searching for a reader’s missing mother, only to find her own lost family secret.

Trusting the Heart
Author Peyton Insley receives an email from one of her readers in Hamburg, Germany. It seems that the name of a character in one of Peyton’s books matches that of Nina’s American-born mother, Anne Belcher, gone missing now for fifty years.

Intrigued by Nina’s story and determined to help her find her mother, Peyton leaves for Edinburgh, Scotland, where Anne was last known to live. In her search, Peyton is thrust back in time to war-torn Poland and the secret rescues made by a small group of resisters, saving one thousand Jewish children destined for Nazi death camps.

After facing one road block after another on her elusive search for Anne, Peyton is forced to confront the secrets that have haunted her own family, kept hidden for decades.

Honey Perkel, author

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